Starting your Ayurveda consultation practice

Now that you have finished your training and you have earned your certification as an Ayurveda Clinical Specialist or similar, it is time to go out into the real world and start seeing clients on your own.

This is arguably the scariest and most difficult moment in the life of an Ayurvedic practitioner as most of us struggle trying to remember everything we have learned from the past few years and enduring the fear that we may still not be prepared to help our clients in a proper way.

This is a time when we could use a helping hand and a guiding voice that reassures us in our knowledge and shows us how to apply that knowledge in a practical and confident way.

How does the Personalized Chikitsa Clinical Program work?

The Personalized Chikitsa Clinical Program has been designed to foster your confidence as a practitioner by establishing steady procedures and clearing out any doubts along the way.

The program works in a one-to-one format (gurukula) and includes practicums that are reinforced by post-appointment discussions. This is the process step by step:

1.1-Shadowing: Student will bring a real client for consultation. Teacher will lead the consultation while student shadows him. If the consultation is in person, student will have a chance to check client's face, nails, skin, tongue, and take their pulse.

1.2. Supervised Consultations: After the first four shadow sessions (more can be requested if necessary), student will start leading sessions under teacher's supervision.

2. Discussion. After the consultation and once the client is gone, teacher and student discuss the case and come up with a set of recommendations, including diet, lifestyle, treatments, and/or herbal protocols.

3. Follow-up. Once a plan has been developed, the student is in charge of sending the information to the client and clarifying any doubt the client may have. Teacher will be available to resolve any doubts the student may have.

How many students can shadow a consultation?

This is a highly personalized program so only one student per client is allowed

Are sessions in person or online?

It is up to the client and the student to decide on the most convenient format. Online sessions will be held using my professional Zoom account.

Is there a maximum of sessions I can shadow?

I require a minimum of four shadow sessions so we can see different clients with varied imbalances. After that, we can go straight into supervised sessions or you can shadow as many additional sessions as you like.

What is included in the Personalized Chikitsa Clinical Program?

- Four shadow sessions with your teacher as lead practitioner (75 minutes)
- Four supervised sessions with you as lead practitioner (75 minutes)
- Post-session discussion on each case and recommended protocols (45 minutes)
- General Rugna Patakram template
- Index card on main pathology to be treated in each case including lakshna, nidana, samprapti, and chikitsa (ahara, vihara, samana, shodana, dravya)

What is the cost of the program?

- $600 for the first 4-Shadow Session Package. After the initial package, you can book individual shadow sessions at $150 per session. You can charge your client for the session since they will be receiving a real, comprehensive Ayurvedic consultation. This will allow you to get your experience without any out-of-pocket expenses.
- $600 for the first 4 Supervised Session Package. After the initial, 4-session package, you can book additional Supervised Consultations at $150 per session.

Can I talk to someone if I still have any questions?

For further information, call us at 1-786-443-6213 or fill out the form below