BRM: The Art of Breathing, Relaxation, and Meditation

Three modalities that will provide you with all the tools you need for an energetic body, a calm mind, and an awakened consciousness.

The lowdown

Type of course: Online course via Zoom.
When: Upon request
Duration: 6 weeks
Class duration: 1 hour each class
Re-watch: Classes are recorded and available to participants

What will you learn in the course?

Breathing techniques that you can use as healing tools.
A powerful breathing practice to re-energize your body. Hopefully, you won’t have the need to steal energy from others anymore.
A very powerful relaxation to quiet your mind and freshen up your body whenever you need it.
Four types of easy but profound meditations.
Altogether, you will learn a set of practices that you can use as preventive medicine and that will help rejuvenate both your body and mind.


1 Hour Weekly for 6 Weeks


Included in Membership


$49 for entire course


It is a fact that human beings, unaware of the limitless energy resources available in nature, tend to steal energy from each other. Even though this is an unconscious mechanism applicable to most of the population, it is still detrimental to others and unfulfilling to us.

Life energy is present in water and food but most importantly in the air we breathe. Aware of this, the ancient yogis developed several techniques that allowed them to use breathing not only as a powerful energy source but also as a form of healing.

We will learn their techniques and put together an easy practice so you can replenish you energy every morning in just a few minutes. I promise you in just a few days you will feel energetic, rejuvenated, enthusiastic, and full of life.


Often overlooked as a daily practice recommendation, Relaxation should be a part of our daily schedule. As much as we need a nourishing diet, exercise, fresh air, and purpose in our lives, so we need relaxation to recover from all the physical and mental activity we engage in everyday.

The ancient yogis developed a technique that they used to reach very profound relaxation states from where they could continue on to what is popularly called Yogic Sleep, a very advanced technique only available to the masters.

We will explore the first part of their technique so you can experience the powerful impact it does have on both mind and body. After the practice, the body feels totally rested while the mind gains in concentration and calmness. This is relaxation as you have never experienced before.


Meditation constitutes the pinnacle of the course and of our daily practices. As a daily practice, meditation provides us with balance, clarity, calmness, alertness, and grounding. Plus it helps develop your intuition. Where else can you get so many benefits in such a short time?

During this last part of the course, we will learn what meditation is and why it is so important, its benefits and setbacks, and the guidelines on how to practice it.

We will also learn and experience four types of meditations so you can later choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. Everybody can meditate. It is not so difficult if you approach it without fear or expectations and with a little help from your breathing. I still have to find a person who hasn’t learned to meditate after taking the course.