Our Purpose - Your Purpose

At Casa del Dharma, you will find the tools to create a healthy, balanced, and meaningful life.

Evolution, transformation, and happiness are all the result of an inner work that must be done so we can let go of anything that does not serve us.

Indulge in time-tested Ayurveda treatments to reduce anxiety and stress levels.
Polish up your diet and resolve any physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns through monthly personalized consultations.
Develop a clear, calm and very positive mind through meditation courses and classes.
The Dharma Circle, our bi-weekly group meditation and conscious gathering, where we connect, build rapport, encourage efforts, express our truth, and share our humanity with a supporting circle of like-minded individuals.

Paradoxically, it is when we clear our inner space that we are able to attract those things which will help us live in fullness. Casa del Dharma offers you the space, resources and support to escort you on your personal journey.