The following services are included in our memberships*
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Consultations and Treatments


Personal Consultation

Each month you may choose between an Ayurveda, Diet and Nutrition, or Life/Spiritual Coaching live/virtual session according to your current needs. During an Ayurvedic consultation, the practitioner not only looks at the symptoms of your imbalance but tries to identify the root of the cause.

This includes identifying your constitution, the strength of your digestive fire and immune system, and the proper functioning of tissues, channels and excretory apparatus. Diet is also assessed on a very personal basis according to your unique constitution and current imbalances. Life and spiritual circumstances are reviewed following the wisdom of ancient traditions such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Vedanta, and Taoism.

Woman enjoying a Ayurveda oil massage treatment in a spa

Shirodhara (Miami Residents Only)

The Sanskrit word Shirodhara is made up of two words: Shiro (head) and dhara (steady flow). In this ancient Ayurvedic treatment, a warm herbal oil concoction is slowly and steadily poured over the mystical third eye (the point between the eyebrows) while the client comfortably lies on a massage table or similar.

Among its countless benefits, Shirodhara helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels, improve mood, awaken intuition, improve sleep, increase relaxation, and strengthen hair roots. Shirodhara is contraindicated in clients currently suffering from any acute viral disease or fever, brain tumors, nausea, vomiting, recent neck injury, jaundice, congestion, or excessive fatigue, a history of epilepsy, and in pregnancy.

Fun, conscious, live streaming sessions

Weekly courses

Every week, we feature a course held for one hour per week. Courses vary from two to eight weeks in length and cover such interesting topics as meditation, breathwork, mindfulness, nutrition, preventive medicine, mindful communication, women’s health, etc.

Please check our weekly calendar for our current and upcoming courses and schedules.

The Dharma Circle

The Dharma Circle is our bi-weekly group meditation and conscious gathering, where we connect, build rapport, encourage efforts, express our truth, and share our humanity with a supporting circle of like-minded individuals. The Dharma Circle is one of the main pillars of Casa del Dharma as the space where we encourage our members to share with the world all the greater goods they have achieved during their personal journey with us.