What is different about an Ayurveda-inspired diet?

Ayurveda teaches us the following principles that constitute the basis for the high effectivity of this millenary science:
1- We are all a combination of the five elements that make up the universe: Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth
2- These 5 elements combine in different amounts creating unique constitutions or body types.
3- Each constitution has specific characteristics depending on the percentage of each element.
4- By identifying your body type, we understand what your body/mind is like and what it really needs.
5- Your diet is a reflection of these needs. Ayurvedic diet strives to balance your needs with the foods that counterbalance them.
6- The Ayurveda diet has been around for thousands of years. Its principles have endured the test of time and continues to be fully effective.

Who can benefit from this diet?

The personalized diet that we will be recommending is just for you based on your body type that we infer based on your answers to the questionnaire below. The diet works as a form of preventive medicine since it will be supporting you wherever you need it the most and will avoid those products that may cause problems to your system.

Be aware that this diet is ONLY for healthy individuals or those with minor ailments. If you have a major or chronic illness, then we suggest you book a private Ayurveda consultation so we can better evaluate your condition and recommend the best possible diet based on our findings.

How many students can shadow a consultation?

This is a highly personalized program so only one student per client is allowed

Are sessions in person or online?

It is up to the client and the student to decide on the most convenient format. Online sessions will be held using my professional Zoom account.

Is there a maximum of sessions I can shadow?

I require a minimum of four shadow sessions so we can see different clients with varied imbalances. After that, we can go straight into supervised sessions or you can shadow as many additional sessions as you like.

What is included in my Personalized Dietary Program?

- Personalized weekly meal planner with assorted recommendations for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
- Recommended and non-recommended items by food group: Proteins (animal and vegetal); fats; vegetables; fruits; grains; beverages; spices
- Ayurvedic recipe E-book in PDF format listing recipes prepared according to Ayurveda's principles and recommendations
- One follow-up email with questions and doubts related to your Personalized Dietary Program

How do I get it and what is the cost of my Personalized Dietary Program?

Simply fill out the questionnaire below and make the introductory rate of $24.99.

Your Personalized Dietary Program will be delivered to your email within 24 working hours (excludes Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays). Bear in mind that this is not an automatic process but a personalized review of your questionnaire to determine your body type and create your personalized diet.

Fill out the form below before sending your payment