What is an Unwinding Retreat?

Unwind in nature

Do you really want to experience true life? Draw a smile on your face every morning? Feel your inner light, play with nature, and enjoy more of your routine, the food you eat, what you see, smell, touch, and hear?

We live but we don’t seem to be alive. Oftentimes we are barely aware of what is really happening either in us or around us. One sleepless night, we realize that years have been passing by without much sense or purpose beyond surviving and hoping to win the lottery or have prince/princess charming knock at our door. But what is really happening when we are so busy daydreaming, speculating, judging ourselves, or worrying about the future?

The answer is EVERYTHING. And yet we don’t even realize it. That EVERYTHING is life and it is spectacular. That is where happiness is found. That is where the meaning of life is hidden.

We invite you to join us on a magical journey to your heart, to the heart of the Earth, to the heart of the Universe, to the world of magic where we are going to:

  • Leisurely savor every single moment: smell the grass after the rain, listen to cowbells, observe the majestic mountains, and taste a peach freshly picked from the tree.
  • Temporarily erase urban memories of hurriedness, traffic, hustle & bustle, and smog
  • Nourish ourselves with fresh food of vibrant colors and flavors, grown according to tradition
  • Indulge in Ayurveda’s relaxing treatments
  • Enjoy an informal chat over dessert about the world’s oldest and most effective diet up to date
  • Meet other souls with similar concerns to ours, curious, honest, and eager to share and learn
  • Delve into the essence of life, the essence of the Inner Being through engaging existential, esoteric, and spiritual conversations but without entering into dogmas or theories from faraway schools.
  • Calm that restless mind that drives us crazy so we can relax and see things calmly, without so much drama.
  • Participate in ancestral rituals in alliance with our hostess—Mother Nature–, to be reborn and recognize other souls like us.
  • Do a little yoga and contemplation but in an easy way, without comparisons, without any desire to do it right or wrong
  • Slow down and relish life.

We do not pretend to be a “new age” experience, a new source of spiritual information, or a mini self-help course. Our intention is to share with you ancestral practices and treatments that will help you integrate who you are with your circumstances so you can live a conscious and happy life.

We simply invite you to find your PERSONAL TRUTH during a peaceful vacation in a natural paradise, re-stablish your connection with nature, feel the energy of this magical place, and share experiences with other people who vibrate on your same frequency.

The adventure is only for 6 participants

Is a magical space where we seek to live in sync with nature by taking care of our body, developing a serene and clear mind, and connecting daily with our consciousness.

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