Practical Mindfulness: The Art of Living

Foundations for a happy, peaceful, and purposeful life

How do I find happiness?

I firmly believe that happiness can only be experienced when you learn, or rather master, the game of life. After understanding that power, prestige, fame, drugs, or material possessions will only provide temporary enjoyment (but won’t fill the gap inside our hearts), many of us resort to time-tested techniques and the wise words of ancient traditions. The knowledge gained will undoubtedly help you start walking the right path and will bring joy to your existence. But it won’t be enough…

In order to be content, you need to apply all that knowledge to yourself and your daily interactions. You really need to understand how life works and how YOU work; you need to know yourself inside out and you need to be aware of all the actions and reactions that happen in your body and mind in order to master the game. You need to slow down and focus on what is really important. Once you start doing that, you can discover why and what makes you feel so miserable. It is the beginning of a new journey, of a new life.

I call this PRACTICAL MINDFULNESS. It is about going back not to the wisdom of the ancients but about the PRACTICAL APPLICATION of this wisdom to our current issues. I am talking about:

  • Becoming aware of our distorted beliefs
  • Controlling our uncontrolled emotions
  • Ending tyrannical desires
  • Improving our communication skills
  • Solving our lack of energy
  • Developing our intuition

I invite you to join me for 6 weeks of precious moments. We will learn to notice life, slow down the mind, and see reality as it is (not the crazy story that is happening inside our mind). We will learn to listen, observe, and approach life from a different perspective. And we will share our thoughts and feelings and emotions in the safe environment of a circle where we can all learn from each other and even from our own stories, as we truly listen to ourselves, maybe for the first time in our lifetime.

What is Mindfulness?

In lay terms, mindfulness is the essence of living; moreover it is life itself as any moment not spent in mindfulness is a waste trip to “La La Land”. The mind is a vehicle (an amazing vehicle) that we can use to meet our needs and fulfill our purpose in life. But it needs to be controlled with tremendous awareness so it doesn’t bolt and take us for a wild ride. And it needs to be parked and allowed to rest when not being needed, which is much more often than we think.

The Mindfulness course is based on the work of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zin, ancient traditions (Vedanta, Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, Shamanism), and, of course, many years of investigation and personal experience with shadow work, meditation and reflection on the meaning of life.

The Classes


  • A tour through the secrets of the mental control center
  • The million-dollar question: how do I handle my emotions?
  • Victims, critics, judges … the usual suspects
  • Practicum: the open focus meditation


  • Energy problems? Do they steal it from you? Do you keep wasting it? Where do you get it from?
  • “Loose lips sink ships”
  • The never-ending story that continually drains us
  • Practicum: Storyteller


  • Who is really the ego? And what does it want?
  • Desire or why we are unhappy
  • Honor your needs. Rein in your desires
  • Personal importance or invisibility?
  • Detachment: The highway to happiness
  • Action vs non-action
  • Practicum: Mental Decluttering


  • Shadowing the Shadow: Do you dare to explore the depths of your Being?
  • Beliefs, agreements, behavioral patterns, and other sneaky viruses
  • Mental filter cleaning techniques: The Stalker. The Silent One. The Inquisitor
  • On forgiveness and compassion
  • Practicum: The Virus Cleaner


  • Your life script and your guest actors
  • What are we? What are we not?
  • Does Evil really exist?
  • Reminiscing the actor in you: Recapitulation vs guiltiness
  • Intuition: the forgotten one that could save the day
  • You may contribute a verse
  • Practicum: Recapitulation


  • The art of listening
  • When consciously, there are no arguments
  • Conflict resolution
  • Constructive communication
  • Practicum: Watch your words!

What will you learn in the course?

  • Effectively manage and process emotions, avoiding repression and emotional blocks
  • Manage your energy efficiently
  • Develop discrimination and mental clarity to be able to control your life
  • Identify and observe the dangers of personal importance
  • Shake off the shackles of desire
  • Develop your intuition
  • Understand what life is and how it works
  • Learn to communicate consciously

The works

Where: Online via Zoom. All classes are recorded and available for viewing (in case you miss a class) or reviewing for one week.

When: Wednesdays at 6:45pm EST starting May 12, 2021

How long: 6 weeks (60-75′ each class)

Investment: $180 Early bird discount extended until Sunday May 9: $149

Bonus 1: 20% discount on your first Ayurveda consultation or gift certificate

Bonus 2: 10% discount on your first Home Detox program

How do I sign up: Send me an email to or through the contact page or call me at 1-786-443-6213

The teacher

Jesús Caballero