Patricia Ríos

“In my lifetime, I have had incredible experiences that have allowed me to ponder and at the same time explore the path to happiness, the mystery of the higher Self, and the light of Universal Love

I have a degree in Industrial Design with specialization in Financial Management and Customer Service. I am a woman and mother of three beautiful children; I am a lover of life, the Universe, the Earth, but first and foremost, a LOVER OF MYSELF.

Ever since I was a child, I have had inexplicable experiences that were considered rather abnormal by my parents and doctors. In order to stop these experiences, I was put under psychiatric and psychological therapy until they were finally stopped. However, when I began my process of spiritual awakening, these experiences resurfaced. It was then that I understood that that which was branded abnormal was none but the most special Gift I possess.

I’m clairvoyant and medium. I can see, intuit and feel a wide range of energies, emotions, experiences, and situations that have happened or are happening to people around me. Thanks to this ability, I can objectively observe behavior patterns, harmful relationships, and situations that affect my clients’ mental and emotional stability and health. I understand that the gift of clairvoyance, intuition, and mediumship is present on different levels in all human beings. In some, as in my case, this gift manifests itself more strongly so that it can be shared and used to help others.

In the process of understanding the meaning of all these circumstances, I have studied different techniques that have provided me with the necessary tools to understand and implement my Gifts more efficiently. Thus, I have completed courses in Biodecodification, NLP, Life Spring, Awakening the Enlightened Heart, Crystal School, Resilience Advantage Heartmath Institute, Akashic Records, and Kinesiology.

Today I share this happiness with all of you and place it at the service of humanity through a process that began with learning to love myself and creating harmony in my life so that I could transmit it to others.

This will be an experience where I will accompany you to the conquest of your heart and where you will experience the Vibration Consciousness of Light and Universal Love.

Sonia Patricia Rios