La Casa del Dharma is a space to learn how to LIVE IN AWARENESS through first healing the body and calming the mind, and then, through the conscious transformation of the Self.

We are interested in improving health through natural methods, developing clear, calm and very positive minds, and creating lives full of meaning and happiness. By transformation, we understand an inner work that must be done so we can let go of everything that does not serve us. Paradoxically, it is when we clear our inner space that we are able to attract those things which will help us to live in fullness.

This inner work does not require a great physical effort, deep concentration, arduous practices, or memorizing large amounts of information. Rather, it is a conscious practice of non-doing, of action without action or, put in another way, a transformation through the effortless flow of intent, contemplation, and mindfulness.

In La Casa del Dharma, we share tools to improve health and prevent disease, cultivate a calm and conscious mind, and finally delve into our inner being so we can understand who we really are. Once we understand our essence, we can understand the meaning of life and thus attain happiness in all spheres of existence.

These tools are:


Spiritual Retreats

Health and Life Coaching

Detox & Rejuvenation

Is a magical space where we seek to live in sync with nature by taking care of our body, developing a serene and clear mind, and connecting daily with our consciousness.



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