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Unwinding Retreat in the Colombian Andes Mountains

There are processes in life driven by a HIGHER FORCE, which help us remember who we are, rediscover our essence, harmonize our well-being, and reconnect with our truth

This is one of them…

What are we going to do?

  • Leisurely savor every single moment: smell the grass after the rain, listen to cowbells, observe the majestic mountains, and taste a peach freshly picked from the tree. Oh, the simple things!
  • Temporarily erase urban memories of hurriedness, traffic, hustle & bustle, and smog
  • Nourish ourselves with fresh food of vibrant colors and flavors, grown according to tradition
  • Indulge in relaxing Ayurvedic massages and treatments
  • Experience forest baths, that is, mindful, therapeutic walks in ancient forests
  • Enjoy informal “health chats” around a bonfire
  • Calm that restless mind that drives us crazy so we can relax and see things calmly, without so much drama.
  • Participate in ancestral rituals in alliance with our hostess: Mother Nature.
  • Partake of enjoyable and relaxing team-building games, that is, competition-free competition
  • Stroll along the cobblestone streets of a 16th-century, very cute town
  • A little yoga and contemplation but in an easy way, without comparisons, without any desire to do it right or wrong
  • Slow down and relish life

How do we do it?

Our stress-free Unwinding Retreat officially begins on Sunday at 6pm (airport transfer will be scheduled based on participants’ arrivals). If you arrive earlier, you can have lunch, indulge in an oil massage or a relaxing shirodhara treatment, or have a personal Ayurveda consultation; all these services have an additional cost.

Here is a tentative schedule of activities subject to what we may come up with or appear along the way:


  • Private group arrival transfer (departure at 3pm) from Bogota International airport to Villa de Leyva (based on your arrival time, we may stop along the way for lunch—not included)
  • Meet your fellow retreat comrades during a general retreat introduction
  • Dinner


  • Yoga, mindful training or meditation
  • Breakfast
  • AM activity (subject to change): Monday: Ayurveda treatment; Tuesday: Forest bath; Wednesday: Waterfall excursion; Thursday: Creating a live mandala; Friday: Villa de Leyva: A stroll back to the 16th century; Saturday: Rebirth ritual
  • Lunch
  • Time at leisure for resting or booking additional treatments (at extra cost)
  • PM activities (subject to change): Monday / Tuesday: Ayurveda treatment; Wednesday: Lecture: Secrets of Ayurveda nutrition; Thursday: Yoga nidra session; Friday: Chanting circle
  • Dinner
  • Healthy Nigthcap: Bonfire “talk n tea”, uplifting movies, fire ritual, competition-free Olympics, enchanting circle celebration, etc


  • Yoga and contemplation
  • Breakfast
  • Private group airport departure transfer (based on departure flights)

How long is the retreat?

One week, from Sunday after lunch to Sunday after breakfast.

About your hosts

How often do your organize your Unwinding Retreats?

Normally once every three months. You may also book your private retreat (subject to availability) with a minimum of 4 passengers and a maximum of 6. Contact us for further details and availability.

Our upcoming stress-free Unwinding Retreat will be held on:

Feb 21-28, 2021

Where are the retreats held?

Our retreats are held at Passadhi Yoga and Ayurveda Center, located 12 km (7 miles) from Villa de Leyva, a charming colonial town three hours from Bogota, in Colombia. Passadhi is located in a heavenly environment, surrounded by majestic mountains, small farms that supply us with organic products, beautiful waterfalls, and plenty of silence. The center, inaugurated in 2005, features modern rooms with private bathrooms, a covered yoga studio, the Kamala Ayurvedic Spa with two rooms for Ayurvedic treatments, expansive gardens with pools, an organic orchard, and a small temple for meditation and rituals.

All pictures courtesy of the Passadhi Yoga and Ayurveda Center and the Kamala Ayurveda Center

What is the cost?

$1,699 (US Dollars) per person in double occupancy
$1,999 (US Dollars) per person in single occupancy

What is included?

  • Lodging for 7 nights in a shared double room with private bathroom
  • Roundtrip transportation from Bogota
  • Three daily meals based on the principles of Ayurveda
  • Two Ayurveda treatments
  • Daily yoga and contemplation classes
  • Two rituals
  • Morning and afternoon activities
  • After dinner program

What is not included?

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Personal treatments (other than the 2 treatments included per person)
  • Personal Ayurveda and nutrition consultations (available at additional cost)

How do I make a reservation?

We only have 6 spots per retreat so don’t delay and contact us through the following channels:

+1 786-443-6213


What forms of payment do you accept?

Paypal / Zelle / Venmo: +1 7864436213

CC / cash: Please contact us at the numbers above.

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