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Our Purpose: Your Purpose

La Casa del Dharma is a magical space where we seek to live in sync with nature by taking care of our body, developing a serene and clear mind, and connecting daily with our consciousness.

We offer you the tools to create a healthy, happy, and meaningful life:

  • Polish up your diet and resolve any physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns through monthly personalized consultations
  • Indulge in time-tested Ayurveda treatments to reduce anxiety and stress levels
  • Keep in shape through daily streaming fitness, yoga, Barre, and Pilates classes
  • Develop a clear, calm and very positive mind through meditation courses and classes
  • Partake of our Mindful Circles and daily Conscious Sessions (journaling, dancing, breathwork, sound healing, etc) to learn how to navigate life’s challenges
  • Enjoy Full Moon Circles and Chanting Circles to enter life’s magical side
  • Listen to our Weekly Podcasts to learn about diet, preventive medicine, and wholesome lifestyle

Evolution, transformation, and happiness are all the result of an inner work that must be done so we can let go of anything that does not serve us. Paradoxically, it is when we clear our inner space that we are able to attract those things which will help us live in fullness. La Casa del Dharma offers you the space, resources and support to escort you on your personal journey.

Ayurveda Center


Virtual Wellness Platform

La Casa del Dharma features an Ayurveda Center located in Miami and a Virtual Wellness Platform, which combine to offer a wide range of consultations, services, and treatments.

We offer a comprehensive membership program, which has been painstakingly developed to include everything you need to live a healthy life:

  • Personalized consultations: For physical/emotional imbalances
  • Personalized diet
  • Stress relief treatments
  • Conscious sessions: Journaling, sound healing, breathwork, ecstatic dance, chanting
  • Streaming fitness: yoga, Pilates, Barre, sculpt, weights.
  • Diet and lifestyle podcasts
  • Meditation courses and group classes
  • Practical Mindfulness Circles
  • Life counseling sessions

You may choose between a virtual membership or a full membership (if you live in Miami), which includes both our virtual and on-site offerings.

In addition to our membership, we also offer on-site services for the public at large including virtual and live consultations, Ayurvedic treatments such as shirodhara, and detox programs.

Is this program for me?

We believe our program is a very good match for you if:

  • You have decided it is time for a change in your life
  • You are suffering from an autoimmune disease
  • You want to find the RIGHT diet and exercise plan for YOU
  • You are experiencing anxiety, fear, stress, constant worry, depression
  • You are interested in health, preventive medicine, fitness, and wellness
  • You want to learn how to meditate
  • You feel “lost”
  • You have started questioning about the meaning of (your) life
  • You are looking for a conscious community of like-minded individuals


A Virtual Community

Virtuality has become the magic wand that is helping us connect on an unprecedented global scale. However, it may also push us into further isolation if we prefer the dubious convenience of home services to personal interaction.

At La Casa del Dharma, we firmly believe in the concept of COMMUNITY. As human beings, we NEED to continue interacting on a personal level in order to preserve and promote our mental and emotional health. To achieve this, we have implemented the following protocols:

  • Our membership model allows our members to “see” each other at different events during the week.
  • Our classes, sessions and courses are all on LIVE streaming so you can ask questions and interact with other participants.
  • Our teachers promote interaction with participants offering valuable advice and full support
  • We strive to create a lively community where people from all over the world interact sharing personal experiences and concerns.
  • Local Miami members can enjoy their treatments at our Ayurveda Center and we intend to do more live events as restrictions are lifted.



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Jesus Caballero has been involved in the art of healing and spiritual development for over 20 years. He got acquainted with Ayurveda when he was trying to find ways to recover from a long-standing illness.

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Jesús Caballero

Is a magical space where we seek to live in sync with nature by taking care of our body, developing a serene and clear mind, and connecting daily with our consciousness.

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