The Ananda Home Detox

Our Ananda Home Detox is based on Panchakarma, Ayurveda’s most revered and effective purification and detoxification treatment. Ayurveda offers the world’s most comprehensive cleansing and rejuvenating programs. Why? Because while most detox programs are designed to cleanse only the digestive system, Ayurveda detox programs target ALL CELLS in the body, making it a very thorough and highly effective method.

What makes the Ananda Home Detox different from other detox programs?

  1. While most detox programs are designed to cleanse only the digestive system, our Ananda Home Detox targets ALL cells in the body, making it a very thorough and scientific method.
  2. The Ananda Home Detox program is always customized to each individual, taking into account your goals but also any imbalance already present in your body or mind.
  3. We run daily morning check-ups so we can be sure that treatments are being effective and make any modifications we need according to your symptom
  4. The Ananda Home Detox is designed and supervised by an experienced Ayurveda Clinical Specialist.

How does it work?

Your Home Detox begins with an online personal consultation to identify your unique constitution, imbalances, and goals. Based on this information, I will design a personalized Home Detox for you and email you all pertinent instructions, recipes, herbal formulas, etc.

A few days before your detox, you will start ingesting ghee on a daily basis to start the process of softening toxins from all your cells. We will also start introducing changes in your diet to prepare your body (and mind) for the detox ahead.

During your Home Detox, you will perform daily massage with warm oils, some form of sweating technique, an oil treatment for relaxation, and an oil detox for your brain and senses. All these treatments will help dislodge toxins from your cells and carry them to your digestive track. Recipes will be provided for both meals and teas as well as instructions on how to finally eliminate your toxins from your digestive system.

We will be in touch everyday to assess how your detox is going and introduce any changes that may be needed.

Once your detox is over, we will meet again on Zoom to evaluate your detox and design a personalized diet and rejuvenation protocol.

As you can see, this is a very thorough and time-proven program that can help you not only to remove toxins from all your cells but also to boost your immune system, therefore allowing your body to prevent allergies and recover from long-standing imbalances.

In our clients' words...

“It was an intimate encounter with myself” FA, Miami, FL

“The Ananda Home Detox has been a wonderful experience and is a great opportunity for everyone, who wants to experience the benefits of a Panchakarma but at home. Jesus has been a great guide, you receive a program tailored specifically to your own needs, and everything has been described in detail. I feel energized after my detox and have been able to identify some habits that are not beneficial for me anymore. I can only recommend it to anyone!” Vera, Italy

“My belly looks and feels so slim; I haven’t felt like this is a long time” EM, Miami, FL

“My system has never been cleaner. I learned a few things about myself and deepened my connection to my source. What an elevating experience! It blows my mind every time I remember about it or talk about it. I want everyone to experience it.” JF, Miami, FL

What is included?

  • Initial online consultation with an Ayurvedic Clinical Specialist
  • Personalized home detox program designed just for you
  • Detailed instructions on how to perform all treatments involved in your home detox
  • Recipes for meals and herbal teas for your home detox
  • Online daily 10-minute check-in with your Ayurveda Clinical Specialist to assess how your home detox is going and introduce any changes that may be needed.
  • Instructions on how to perform elimination of toxins through herbal enemas or herbal purges
  • Final consultation with an Ayurvedic clinical specialist to review your detox program and design a personalized diet and rejuvenation protocol.

What is NOT included: 

  • Meals, therapeutic teas
  • Oils, ghee, herbal compounds
  • Any other products recommended in the home detox program


The following services can be added at an additional cost: 

  • Spiritual counseling sessions to help deal with emotional crisis.
  • Online yoga class
  • Online meditation
  • Online yogic relaxation


How long is the program?

The program is one week long, however we don’t run cold turkey into it but start preparing for it by modifying our diet and taking some herbal compounds a few days before the program officially starts. We recommend doing this treatment in a quiet environment, if possible far from the city, where it is possible to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle and focus our energy on the recovery and healing of both body and mind.

What are the dates and cost?

Since this is a customized program, I will work with you to find out the best time to start your home detox.

Price: $350 US Dollars per person

To make a reservation, you may contact us at 1-786-443-6213, send an email to , or fill out the form below.

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