The Game of Life

Don’t seek happiness, seek Truth

It is useless to seek happiness. Happiness is not a goal by itself and that is why it can never be reached if we place it as our ultimate life purpose or wish. Happiness is a side effect of flowing with life, that is, living life according to our original plan.

And how do we find out about this mysterious original plan, provided that it does exist at all? Surely it doesn’t come attached to our birth certificate! To answer this question satisfactorily, probably you will need a little leap of faith, for the plan seems to be forgotten just before we are incarnated and so it is pretty much impossible to prove it factually. Or you can carefully observe life and its manifold daily messages and start tying up loose ends. Moreover, you can honestly watch yourself to see what parts of your life resonate with your essence (a sure source of happiness) and which parts do not resonate with you but you still abide by (a certain source of misery). If you try this, I am sure you will soon arrive to some stunning conclusions about the existence of some kind of preconceived plan.

The plan is as simple as following your Truth. Therefore, the path is unique for each one of us for it is a path that leads to ourselves, to noticing what is being manifested through a human body: emotions, feelings, thoughts, desires, and drives, and then beyond the human body, that is, our essence. When you learn how to manage all these “expressions”, you realize they have nothing to do with you, they are just passing guests and not the real you, the original one that never changes (that is basically what essence means).

Unfortunately, more often than not, we allow desires, emotions, etc., to run our lives and end up doing things that have little in common with our real nature or, in a figurative sense, walking along paths that are not our path. That is why the material will not give us enduring happiness since it is sourced out of a fleeting desire that will be finished before you even notice.

The key to all this is mindful, objective self-observation and endless discrimination.

“I am miserable. Why am I miserable? Because I feel lonely. Why do I feel lonely? Because I need somebody to share my life with. Why do you need somebody? Because I have accepted the belief that being with somebody will make me happy”.

Is this your Truth? Do you really think that you are going to find happiness just by sharing your life with another being? Or is it just a nice fairy tale you have created out of thin air or some romantic movie?

I am not trying to convince anybody here. I am just suggesting that you ask questions, honest questions and see where they take you instead of plunging into despair or bottling up your emotions and continuing as if nothing has happened.

If you let life lead the course, you will be living according to your inner Truth; and happiness will be your companion.