Don’t Worry, Be Mindful

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All the worries we have, all the thoughts, all the dreams, all the memories, all that has ever and will ever go through our mind is useless. Life happens, happens continuously, at every moment, in front of our eyes and ears and nose and skin. It is in front of us, inviting us to dive into it with full abandon, with the eyes that just caught sight of the sea for the first time.

Life thrives everywhere around us, it is in the colors, in the light, in the air, in sounds and tastes and smells, in whispers and screams, in buzzing bees and screeching tires, in bustling markets and silent forests. Life happens in a concerted chaos, at precise random, in familiar mysterious ways. And we are part of it, have always been and will ever be. We are part of it and still we are the witness that watches it with unconscious intensity from a vantage point beyond our comprehension.

We can either choose to witness this torrent of ecstatic creation or we can use our free will and ride the mental rocket, the train of thoughts, or the love boat to the imaginary world of Nowhere.

Why do we worry and for what? Does the deer worry because the oak loses its leaves in the autumn? Life happens; that means no rights or wrongs, no problems, no unfair situations. We happen too, but we detach from Life very early by distorting it behind the prism of biased values and questionable traditions, and the ridiculousness of self-importance. We judge and judge and judge and fail to notice that very soon our faces will be tattooed with the scars of time and our hair will be dyed by the silver rays of the moon, and our legs will give in under the weight of a backpack stuffed with yellowish memories and one or two unforgiveable episodes.

Life keeps giving us opportunities to rejoice in the observation of the morning dew or the insignificant ant. But we keep preferring the company of the devious mind who over and over allures us with promises of an even more grandiose life before ditching us on a cold morning. And there we stay, confused, depressed and shivering, not understanding how we got there until, suddenly, we happen to tear the veil of ignorance and for an eternal second catch eye of an unfamiliar flower covered in crystal-like dew. We stare at it curiously; it is the first time we see it although it has been there forever. An eternal moment. A moment of release. A moment of silence. A moment of Life before we return to the company of our chattering friend and its endless pack of lies.

Can we open our eyes and see the trickery? Do we wanna open our eyes and see the biggest scam ever played in creation? There is no mind, just electrical and chemical games played by fictitious characters. There is no mind in your laptop or Iphone, just designed responses to stimuli. The real “mind” is outside, giving instructions to the Iphone or watching the laptop screen. We are not a YouTube video packed with thoughts, feelings, drives, and desires; we are not a mind that moves incessantly with no defined identity. We have an identity. We are the Witness, the witness of the external and the internal. The witness of all the petty mind games and the grandiose Divine games.  And the player too.

Don’t worry. Be Mindful.