Ayurveda Wellness Center

Casa del Dharma is a hybrid (virtual and on-site) Ayurveda Wellness Center located in Miami, offering a wide range of consultations, services, and treatments.

Personalized consultations
The Dharma Circle
Stress-relief treatments
Personalized diet
Ayurveda and Panchakarma Retreats
Home Detox Programs

Regain Balance, Calmness, Purpose, Joy?

One monthly physical/mental/emotional check-up per month? Don’t you owe that to yourself, at least? Monthly Ayurveda consultations are the cornerstone of a preventive wellness program.

You Deserve It…and Most Likely Need It Too

A tantalizing, stress-relieving treatment. Warm oil streaming down the head. Blissful waves captivating the senses. Lucid dreams, inner realms, the ultimate mind-body experience.

The Panchakarma Detox:
Rejuvenating From Within

A millenary treatment. A comprehensive cleansing and rejuvenating program. An effective full-body, all-cell detoxification. This is Panchakarma: Ayurveda’s most revered purification.

Be A Part Of A Conscious Movement

Casa del Dharma is your home for community and wellness. Join our weekly dharma circle and regain your sense of community. We all need it. Badly.


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